FAQ [よくあるご質問]


◾️ 購入スニーカーのサイズについて参考になる情報はありますか?

また、特に "染め" などのクラフトモデルは、その加工工程のために、若干縮みが出ております。ベースモデルより0.5cmほどタイトな着用感になりますのでご注意ください。
詳しくは、各モデルの商品説明欄に記載のある “サイズ感のご注意” をご参照ください。
 * サイズの感じ方はお客様それぞれの足の幅や甲の高さによっても異なりますことをあらかじめご了承ください。

◾️ 返品ポリシーはありますか?


* 商品がお届け時と同等状態であることが返品の条件でございます。

* 商品の返送時には、お届け時の同梱物をすべてご返却ください。
  ⚪︎シューズボックス (破損のない状態のもの)


◾️ 海外への発送はしていますか?

* 送料に関しましては、地域ごとに設定されておりますので、ご住所等のお客様情報をご入力後、お住まいの地域への配送料が商品代金に加算されます。
* エクスプレス配送 (DHL) につきましては、現在サイト上でご選択いただけるように準備中でございます。現段階ではEMS (Express Mail Service by Post Office) のみしかご選択いただけませんが、エクスプレス配送をご希望の場合は、お手数ですが、個別にお問い合わせ欄よりお申し付けください。
* 日本以外にお住まいのお客様には日本の消費税 (商品代金の10%) はかかりません。商品が現地に到着後、お住まいの国や地域の税法に従ってください。
* 関税に関しましては、 お住まいの国や地域の税関にお問い合わせください。

◾️ Do you have any reference information about the size of the sneakers I purchase?

The SHELLCAP series is made with a mold that is designed for the wide, high instep foot shape of Japanese people. Since sneaker sizes are set by individual brands, it is not possible to make a general statement, but there is a possibility that your sneakers may feel 0.5 cm to 1 cm larger than your normal sneakers.
In addition, craft models, especially "dyed" models, shrink slightly due to the processing process. Please note that the fit will be about 0.5cm tighter than the base model.
For details, please refer to the "Sizing Notes" in the product description section of each model.

* Please note that the sizing may vary depending on the width and instep height of each customer's feet.

◾️ Do you have a return policy?

PRAS shoes and accessories go through a rigorous quality check to ensure customer satisfaction. In the unlikely event that a product is found to be defective, we will accept returns within 10 days from the date of receipt (including the date of receipt of the merchandise), provided the product is unused.
* The condition of the return is that the product must be in the same condition as when delivered.
(unused, with no stains or damage to the product)

* When returning the product, please return all items that were included in the delivery.
⚪︎Shoe box (in undamaged condition)
⚪︎Product tag
⚪︎Accessories (shoelaces, etc.)

We generally do not accept returns or exchanges for customer convenience. However, we will accept size exchanges only once, within one week of receipt of the merchandise, and only if the above return conditions are met. In this case, please note that the customer will be responsible for the return shipping costs.

◾️ Do you ship internationally?

We also accept to ship internationally, with the exception of some areas.

* Shipping charges are set by region, so after entering your address and other customer information, the shipping charge for your region will be added to the product price.
* We are currently in the process of making Express Delivery (DHL) available on the site. Currently, only EMS (Express Mail Service by Post Office) can be selected on the site, but if you would like to choose Express Delivery (DHL), please contact us by using the "Contact" form individually.
* Customers residing outside of Japan will not be charged the Japanese consumption tax (10% of the product price). Please follow the tax laws of your country or region after the goods arrive there.
* Please contact the customs office of your country or region for information on tariffs.